The Joy of Reading to Children
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Bold Beasts - reading to children

The Joy of Reading to Children

A word from Bold Beasts author Rachel Braddock

As some of you may know, I am a retired school teacher, and embarked upon the Bold Books adventure with my husband Bob and best friend Joyce after retiring. Since then, it has been quite a journey for us, and I’ve loved every minute of it. However, one thing that gives me more pleasure than anything is reading these stories to an audience of children.

I have always enjoyed reading to children, and love going into schools to read to youngsters in Pre-School, Reception or further up in Primary School. Any age group up to 10 or 11 years is suitable for Bold Beasts!

I am very proud of the stories I have created, and they take on a whole new dimension when read aloud to an intimate audience. I especially like the sounds of the words as they’re being read out – for example, when Rufus complains ‘the disinfectant tang which needles at his nostrils’. I also like the assonance when the long vowel sounds carry the rhythm, as when Caractacus Cat can sit there and ‘dream like the cat with the cream.’

2017 was a very busy one for us, and throughout the year I enjoyed reading and selling books in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, as well as other events such as the Labour Party Summer Fair. It was always fun, and this year, I’m keen to do more!

We would very much like to read our books for your little ones. Whether you’re a teacher, teacher assistant, or someone who works with groups of children in a professional capacity, please do get in touch with us!
You can contact us by filling out this form, or by emailing admin@ We are willing to travel, but please bear in mind that we are based in Liverpool, in the Northwest. We look forward to hearing from you!


Rachel x

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