Bold Beasts: Fashion Photographer Recreates Iconic Madonna Photos With His Dog
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Bold Beasts: Fashion Photographer Recreates Iconic Madonna Photos With His Dog

If you’re visiting us here at Bold Beasts, we already assume you love animals. And if you love animals, you’ll love this image gallery.

Madonna has been around for what seems like forever, and at this point it’s fair to say that she is a living icon. Having gone through countless transformations over the years, in both image and music, the queen of pop has left us with an array of iconic looks which will be looked back upon for centuries.

Thankfully, a French fashion photographer by the name of Vincent Flouret recently had the idea of recreating some of these striking looks – with his beloved dog, Max. The results are quite simply sensational. Let’s take a look…

1. The ‘Ray of Light’ album cover

This late 90s album wasn’t all that successful by Madonna’s standards, but now I will always remember it for Max’s recreation.

2. The ‘Music’ album cover

To be honest I think Max pulls this off much better than Madonna did. As much as we love her, I don’t think anyone was buying Madonna’s ‘straw-chewing country girl’ shtick. Max here feels much more at home in the hay.

3. The ‘Hung Up’ video

Everyone remembers this video from 2005, mainly for the fact that Madonna had the confidence to show off her toned body as she approached her 50th birthday. Here, Max manages to look even more fabulous than she did.

4. The ‘Like a Virgin’ cover

Here’s Max recreating one of the most iconic images of Madonna’s career. As hilarious as these photos are, I can’t help but marvel at how well put-together they are. The attention-to-detail is incredible.

5. The ‘Material Girl’ video

We are living in a material world, and Max is a material pup with expensive tastes. Only the finest steak cuts will do! Side note: how young does Madonna look in this video! Amazing to think how long she’s been in the business.

6. The ‘True Blue’ cover

Vincent & Max have absolutely nailed their recreation of Madonna’s third album cover. How majestic does Max look in this photo!

7. The video for ‘Vogue’

Between the two of them, I can’t tell which one is loving themselves more in these photos. I definitely love Max more, though. Sorry Madge!

8. The ‘Cherish’ music video

Out of all the photoshoots in this set, I’d imagine that Max probably enjoyed this one the most. In my experience, all dogs love a good splash around in the waves.

I hope you enjoyed this gallery as much as I did. The things that pets put up with for their owners! Follow the Bold Beasts page on Facebook for more like this.

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