Bold Beasts | About
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About the Author

Rachel Braddock wrote these stories for her grandson, Joe. He started to enjoy listening to them when he was about three. He liked looking at the pictures even earlier. Grown-ups started to like them too. Rachel read the stories to groups of children in schools (with teachers listening and laughing as well!) Then she decided that she had better publish them so that more children could enjoy them. Catullus the Caterpillar is the first one, but there are many more to follow. Look at the Book Page to find out about the others which are coming. Rachel has taught children and adults for a long time. Her favourite lesson has always been reading poems and stories.

About the Illustrator

Joy Rutherford has illustrated all the Bold Beast books so far. She studied Art at college and went on to work with young children in play groups, after school clubs and holiday play schemes. She helped them paint, draw and make models and collages. She taught herself to paint and draw and has held many exhibitions of her work. She has successfully completed an M.A. in Children’s illustration.